Rent Sign for Greek Island of Alimnia

    Alimnia is a 7.4 square kilometers islet in the Dodecanese group, in the South-East of the Aegean sea, near the islands of Chalki and Rhodes and not far from the Turkish borders.

    Mayor of Chalki islands Michalis Patros and the island council decided to rent the islet in order to “stop begging for funds from the Athens-centered Greek state”, Patros told daily Proto Thema.

    Moreover, he added “Alimnia is an islet but in fact a small island of extraordinary natural beauty. Even though it was abandoned in 1966, several hundred holiday-makers visit it every summer with their yachts or speed boats”.

    Chalki municipality council is about to work out the details of the leasing so that Alimnia can be rent in 2012. Patros told the newspaper that the first investors have already expressed interest. The lease price has not been revealed.