Lady Gaga to Visit Skiathos Island

The eccentric pop singer Lady Gaga is going to visit Skiathos island in Greece in July for the gay festival that is going to take place from the 12th through 15th of July.

The organizing members of the festival estimate that Lady Gaga’s performance during the opening night of the festival would advertise the event, according to ‘Espresso’ Greek newspaper.

Lady Gaga is going to visit Greece for the second time, since she was in Greece with her boyfriend Luc Carl last year. The couple was on the island of Crete. Couple arrived to Crete on a private jet and spent their time on the local beaches and in the sea. Lady Gaga and Luc spent just a few days on the island.

Lady Gaga also visited Spinalonga, where residents of Plaka, the region where the most of the series was shot, showed and explained everything to her in detail.



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