Oldest Facebook User is a 104-Year-Old Greek Man

    Leonidas Panoutsopoulos is the oldest Facebook user at the moment. 104 years old, Mr. Panoutsopoulos said that the honest truth is he was born in 1908 but the social network settings do not allow him to use this year as a valid year of birth.

    “I do not understand. Why is that so? Elder people should have the same access to social network media as everyone else” told Mr. Panoutsopoulos to KalavrytaNews.gr

    He cannot write or use the Facebook system on his own. His great-grandchildren are helping him and informing him on everything new, so that he can have an active profile.

    Mr. Panoutsoupolos comes from Sopotos Aroanias in Kalavryta and uses all applications offered by Facebook, including likes, pictures uploading and friends’ invitations. The 104-year-old man also owns a Gmail account, a mobile phone and writes in his Facebook that he is a widower.

    Mr. Panoutsopoulos has children and 9 great-grandchildren.


    1. Wrong. Oldest FB user is a 106 year old woman from UK. Great-grandmother set to become Facebook’s oldest user at 106 … and fyi, 1905 is the oldest birth year on FB, so Mr Panoutsopoulos can actually post his correct age.