A Monastery Cell for Abbot Efraim

    According to a representative of the Mount Athos, Abbot Efraim of Vatopedi is suffering from an infection, which has caused him a high fever and destabilization of his blood sugar levels.

    The Abbot remains in a cell at the Monastery of Vatopedi and is expecting further administrative instructions after his detention order.

    However, due to other bureaucratic difficulties it seems most likely that his arrest warrant will be executed in the coming days and not on Christmas Day.

    The Abbot’s supporters have been furious over the judicial decision sentencing Efraim to pretrial detention and are planning on sending complaint letters to the Supreme Court of Greece and the Justice Minister Mr. Miltiadis Papaioannou.

    The Association of the friends of Vatopaidi Monastery issued the following statement:
    “Any serious-minded person, particularly anyone who is dealing with ecclesiastical issues, is well aware that such persecutions have identical motives with the ones used against righteous people throughout the centuries”, reported London Daily News.

    Archbishop of Greece Ieronymos commented that he shows deep respect for the Greek justice but is terribly troubled over the fact that the decision of Efraim’s detention was issued one day before Christmas.

    According to the London Daily News, Bishop Athanasius of Limassol in Cyprus said he hopes the Greek legal system considers the implications of imprisoning Abbot Ephraim at Christmas.

    Abbot Efraim has recently returned from a visit to Russia, where he met Medvedev and Putin, while he also has strong links to the royal family in the UK.


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