Greek Children Ask Santa to Bring Jobs to Their Parents

Amidst the debt crisis plaguing Greece, children are no longer asking Santa Claus for the regular and common gifts of past Christmas holidays.

The letters collected in the red boxes of the Hellenic Post around Greece are the children’s wish for their unemployed parents to get a job.

Officials in a central ELTA of Athens came across a letter of a little girl from Crete, which resembled more “a list for the supermarket” than a typical Christmas letter.

The letter by a little girl named Maria, an elementary school pupil from the southern Aegean island of Crete, read:
“Dear Santa Claus, this year I want you to bring me two baby pampers, milk, a pacifier, a purple brush, and a job for my sister.”

This year’s Christmas holidays will be challenging for many families around Greece since major cuts in salaries, emergency taxes, and rising unemployment are pressing for personal sacrifices to make ends meet.

All letters sent to “Santa” are being read by Post officials and all children will receive a written reply and a symbolic present from Santa Claus.


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