Greek Filmmaker Lucia Rikaki Passes Away

    Greek film director, documentarist, writer and producer Lucia Rikaki passed away in Athens on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.

    The 50-year-old played a pivotal role in raising awareness through her documentaries and using social networking to encourage young people to take up filmmaking. She was instrumental in the organisation of film festivals such as Ecofilms and Kos International Health Film Festival.

    Her feature films include “Trip to Australia” (1990), “Quartet in Four Movements” (1994), “Dancing Soul” (1999), “Hold Me” (2006) and “What We Hold in Common” (2007).

    Rikaki also served as president of the European Producers Network, on the governing board of the Greek Film Directors and Producers Union and as cinema coordinator for the 3rd World Summit on Media for Children.


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