St. Prokopios Icon at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens

Visitors at the Byzantine and Christian Museum will have the opportunity to witness a Byzantine icon of St. Prokopios, measuring 91,5cm x 62,5cm, which had been stolen from the Church of St. Prokopios in Veroia, over the 1967 – 1974 period. The icon dates from the 14th century and serves as an excellent example of the northern Greek workshop of that time.

The icon, which was recently repatriated from London, belongs to the private collection of Athanasios Martinos, who intends to donate it to the Greek State. The location of the icon and documentation of its origin was achieved thanks to the coordinated efforts of relevant agencies of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is also a good example for other collectors and museums abroad possessing objects that are proven products of smuggling.

The icon will be exhibited for the very first time in a museum, and it will remain on display at the Byzantine and Christian Museum for a month. After this period, the icon will return to Veroia to become a permanent exhibit of the Byzantine Museum in the city.