Virtually the Whole Island of Cyprus is on Facebook

According to figures compiled by site monitoring service Pingdom, Facebook is now so popular that over half the total population of some countries are using the service. Countries leading the way with Facebook usage are Cyprus (69 percent), Hong Kong (53 percent), and Chile (52 percent), followed by Singapore, Norway, and Denmark, each with 51 percent.

Pingdom’s analysis compares data from Socialbaker on the number of Facebook users in various countries around the world to information from the World Bank and Wikipedia about nations’ total numbers of Internet users and total population. Pingdom finds seven countries, among them Cyprus, where half or more of the total population is on Facebook.

In particular, during the 6 last months 71,480 users (persons or companies) used internet services in Cyprus, according to data from Socialbaker. Among all the Cypriot Facebook users, 74% are between 18-44 years old. The 16% are Cypriots from 13 to 17 years old and only 2% of Cypriot users are people over 64 years old.The majority of Cypriot Facebook users are men (56%).

According to ‘Digital Trends’, regarding Cyprus, it’s difficult to accept Pingdom’s claim “virtually the whole island is on Facebook” given the island’s historically deep and bitter divisions and Cyprus’s own estimate last month that 59 percent of Cypriot Internet users participate in any social networking services at all.