Greek Language Fantasy Thriller “The Winter” by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

The traditional reading of the flytzani, where everyone’s destiny is hidden, the old newspapers of Siatista, its centuries-old houses and the prejudices of its people are some of the main components reviving on screen through the black-and-white photographs that have survived throughout the decadence times brings along.

The new feature film of Konstantinos Koutsoliotas “The Winter” is a Greek language fantasy thriller, which has already been screened in Greece and the UK and is now expected to be presented to movie fans around the world.

With a German, Polish, Greek, American and British production team, director and VFX/Animation specialist Konstantinos Koutsoliotas has worked to create this new concept combining the ghost stories of his family home in Siatista with a romantic, fantasy vision of his own.

“The film, which will be screened in both the Greek and English language, with the respective subtitles as well, is a tribute to the controversial aspects of rural life. Children are carrying fruits and vegetables from the local grocery store to the eldest. Neighbors are friendly to each other, family is important, while the director’s camera captures the most special moments of everyday life, such as a traditional wedding. At the same time, modern life in Siatista comes to life in this film, with the Internet cafes and young people giving the beat” told ANA-MPA the production manager of “The Winter” Cathleen Camosy.


Eccentric Niko lives in London, a young writer in a bit of a dream world: telling his mother back in Greece that he is a busy, successfully published author with a beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately he’s been spending beyond his means to keep up the pretense, and the market downturn has arrived. Losing his lowly temp job, with no girlfriend and under pressure to pay off his debts, Niko runs away to his abandoned 16th century family home in Siatista, a picturesque but small fur trading post in the mountains of Northern Greece. He’s hoping to find the inspiration and focus to alas write a viable novel.

Attempting to keep his predicament secret from his mother and the locals, Niko confines himself to the house, venturing out only at night when most of the village is fast asleep. As the locals begin to take notice of him, not necessarily in a good way, Niko struggles to make sense of his haunting family past. In a rustic world without the amenities of the 21st century London, where superstition is amalgamated into the fabric of everyday life.

​​Niko will discover himself, make sense of his parent’s divorce, his subsequent father’s death and choose a path that will bring him to his ultimate destiny. Inside the ancient walls of his inheritance the curtain that separates him from the beyond is drawn open and Niko is beckoned to take the same road that had destroyed his father.