Vorres Museum Presents the New Exhibition of A2na Maria Sklavounos

The Vorres Museum will be inaugurating the new art exhibition of A2na Maria Sklavounos entitled “Antithetos” (However) on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 20:00.

The painting exhibition is held under the aegis of the Vorres Museum and will be open to the public until February 11.

A2na Maria Sklavounos was born in Athens, and is a self-taught artist. For some years now she has been painting exclusively with her bare fingers, avoiding obstinately the use of brushes or spatulas, so as to directly explore the sense of touch.

According to the President of the Vorres Museum, Ian Vorres, “her creations as being inspired by a dynamic expressionism and a plethora of topics which captivate and impress the viewer at first sight. Her imagination, power of expression and explosive spirit confirm her maturity, sophistication and self-confidence. Her work is permeated by a surrealistic spirit of raw candour, irony and an intense erotic air. An additional welcome element is its original and rejuvenating humour. As it has been said, it is humour that ultimately expresses logic and truth. Anna Maria Sklavounos’s art flows free and impulsively like the revitalizing water gushing out from the earth’s mysterious depths”.

Spyros Merkouris has commented on Sklavounos’ work as a highly impressive demonstration of the peak of cerebral eroticism. “The white masks on the faces she paints are not meant to conceal anything but, rather, to create an atmosphere, a sense of mystery and magic. They are there so as to heighten the feeling of the unknown, the chaos that exists in our souls”.

Dr. Yannis Kolokotronis , Assistant Professor of History of the Art University of Thrace Polytechnic School / Dept of Architecture – Engineering, characterized Sklavounos as one of the most poetic figures in an art that is deceptively unrefined.

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