Under-25 Unemployment Rises, Worst Rates Found in Spain and Greece

    The rate of unemployment for those under age 25 continues to rise.

    In November 2011, it was at 22.3% in the 27 member states (compared to 22% in October 2011 and 22% in November 2010). The eurozone figure is not much better, as November 2011 experienced a youth unemployment rate of 21.7%, compared to November 2010’s 20.6%. These figures were reported by Eurostat, the European statistics institute, which said that Spain hit a new EU record with a youth unemployment rate of 49.6%, though the highest increase of the annual figure was evident in Greece, which in September 2011 had 46.6% of its citizens under age 25 without work, compared with the 36.3% seen in November 2010.

    Countries that had rates higher than the EU average for under-25 unemployment also included Portugal (30.7%), Italy (30.1%) and France (23.5%). Overall, the rate of unemployment in the eurozone in November 2011 was unchanged compared to October, at 10.3%, while it had been at 10% in November 2010.

    In the EU-27, unemployment in November 2011 was at 9.8% (9.6% the previous year). The highest number of unemployed were in Spain (22.9% as of November 2011) and Greece (18.8% in September 2011).

    Higher unemployment rates than the EU average were also found in Portugal (13.2%), while those in French were in line with the EU average (9.8%).
    (source: ANSA)