Ex Minister Says Acropolis Could Be Leased

    Gerasimos Giakoumatos

    Greek conservative New Democracy MP and former deputy health minister Gerasimos Giakoumatos suggested on Monday that the Acropolis and other archaeological sites be leased to private firms in a bid to bring much-needed revenue into the debt-ridden country, as Kathimerini reports.

    In comments made to Vima FM radio station, Giakoumatos claimed that such a move would not be humiliating for Greece. “What is humiliating is that we beg for foreign funding or when a Chinese tourist in Athens finds the Acropolis closed,” he said, referring to weekend strikes by Ministry of Culture employees that left museums and ancient sites closed.

    “Instead of cutting wages and pensions, the state could lease the Acropolis, it could lease all archaeological sites,” he said.
    (source: ANSA)


    1. Ideas like this from a person formerly in a high level government position is a perfect example of how Greek politicians are among the stupidest people in the country. Why does Greece elect such numb-nuts to office?? This is a nation led by fools.