Turkish Film “Fetih 1453” Causes Outrage Among Greeks

    Before even making it to the cinemas, Faruk Aksoy’s latest film “Fetih 1453” has caused outrage in Greece, with many characterizing the new epic movie as racist and a propaganda.

    The Turkish director produced a film featuring the conquest of Costantinople by Mehmed II in 1453 on a $17 million budget, which makes this the most expensive Turkish production to date.

    Greek weekly Proto Thema called the movie “a conquest propaganda by the Turks,” on a story it published on its website. “Turkish invaders present themselves as rulers of the world in the movie,” the report said, adding that the film “fails to show the mass killings of Greeks and the plunder of the land by the Ottoman Turks.”

    The film is being described as one-sided and has been accused of obscuring historical facts, while many Greeks deem it as a national insult that should not be screened in the country. A Greek blogger compared the Turkish film to a possible German production on the Holocaust.

    However, there are also voices supporting the idea of a grand-scale movie on the fall of Constantinople that suggest that the dramatic scenes and the high-quality production will get everyone watching the film at the end.

    The film will be screened on February 17.


    1. Why should be deemed bad, Spartan 300, was that an insult to Persians> it is a historical fact, I am sorry but Europe must get over this Turkcophobia,, it is only hurting the Europe Turks are just hiumming alone fine,

    2. 17 mln  maybe it is a total number of innocent victims of turkish violence..but  if we count ALL VICTIMS IF ISLAMIC Jihad it is maybe many more and more. I am not greek and dont like this disgusting film for Leonid and esclavagist spartans. i also dislike  Mehmed II exactly like the false selfproclamed  Mohammad  both were perverted and disgusting men,  exactly like some bizantin and other emperors and conquerors, What a waste of energy and fuel for islamic agresevnes. 

    3. There is enough Greek films that are racist to those they conquered or supposedly beat …. 300, Alexander etc.
      There is nothing wrong with Turks producing film that reinforces their history

    4. Why do they always compare everything to the Holocaust??? Why do they not compare it to the Rwanda genocide??

    5. Agree with Bokhari444, it’s their movie, if they don’t glorify themselves who will. We make are own movies and depict the Turks as barbaric invaders, they have all the right to do the same.
      The movie trailer looks really cool, and judging from it, the Greeks look historically accurate. Looking forward to watch it. 
      In the end, it was a war, people got killed and only one is victorious, and in 1453 it was the Turks.
      We accept it and we move on.

    6. i have not seen a movie based on greek history ooops i mean greek mythology  that was not one sided you are a bunch of Hippocrates 

    7. Its all fairytales about the victims of turkish violence. Unbiased western historians say that if turks did in Balkans what spanish and portueguese did in Andalusia, there would not be a single Christian and non-turk in Balkans at our day, as there is no Muslims on Iberian Peninsula.

    8. The person who is disgusting is you, and you are the perverted freak, and your Christianity teaches you to lie, kill, insult others with lie, but give it up man your religion is not real. A man can not be son of God. all ignorants don’t get it.

    9. What we would do to you, if you showed around, would not have any relevance to what the Spanish did in Andalusia.

    10. 300 is hardly a greek film.

      nor is alexander.

      both are hollywood films and are simply american propaganda using ancient greece as the window dressing.

      no one should be surprised that fetih 1453 is propagandistic. that doesnt mean they shouldnt be dissapointed. that year is one of the most important and dramatic events in the history of the turks, greeks, and most europeans and near-asians too. it could have been something more than propaganda. it is a pity that it is not.


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