TripAdvisor Includes Crete’s Chania in Top Twelve Global Destinations

TripAdvisor, Inc., the world’s largest travel site, announced the top destinations that are on the rise in 2012, according to surveys amongst TripAdvisor travelers and editors.

Chania is among the top 12 destinations for 2012 proposed by TripAdvisor. Chania, according to, was chosen for its quiet old town, restored Venetian mansions, traces of a small mosque that add to the charm of the landscape, and of course for the its beautiful sandy beaches.

The diverse list offers something for all travel tastes and budgets, including cities such as Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius but also Bordeaux and Lyon, Austin of Texas, Seminyak of Bali, Chaweng in Thailand, Mendoza in Argentina, San Sebastian in Spain, Essaouira in Morocco, Zurich in Switzerland and Fethiye in Turkey.


  1. Do Not go to Crete/Greece for holidays..The Greeks hang/poison/chain/starve/abandon/torture & anything else that causes pain to animals….DO NOT give them your money by visiting their country…..Dogs in an animal rescue centre have been poisoned in Chania… sick Greeks..Do not go!

  2. Chania is a place with no love for dogs, if you love animals and if you have one do not go Chaina, hardly worth your time and your money who despises the life of animals.

    Chania è un paese senza amore per i cani , se amate gli animali e se ne avete uno non andate a Chaina , non merita il vostro tempo e il vostro danaro chi disprezza la vita degli animali .

    Sandra B.

  3. Why should anyone want to visit and enjoy a place where animal welfare do not exist. A place where domestic animals are poisoned, abused, raped, burned alive….. No way!!!! We will boycott these countries and places until goverments start doing something. Because tourism has a lot to do with animals welfare. Greece is one of the cruelest places in the world about animal abuse. We are not let it carry on this way. 

  4.  So strange people who kill cultures and people in other countries to care so much about the welfare of pour animals!!