Greece and China Sign Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation

Minister for Education Anna Diamantopoulou and the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Du Qiwen, will sign the official Announcement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (S&T) between the two countries on January 19, at 10:30 at the Ministry for Education. General Secretary for Research and Technology of the Ministry, Kostas Kokkinoplitis, will also be present at the signing.

This Announcement marks the beginning of a new era in the bilateral relations between Greece and China, while it aims at encouraging and facilitating cooperative activities in fields of common interest and of high priority.

The current difficult situation in Greece imposes the necessity of launching new development activities in science and technology, and finding strategic partners like China that can substantially contribute in activating and promoting the future outlook of the private sector, which is an essential motor needed to boost the national economy.

The Announcement on big scale S&T transnational cooperation projects will positively serve the above mentioned purposes by opening effective communication and cooperation channels among the businesses and scientific institutes of Greece and the People’s Republic of China. Thus, it will facilitate the transfer of technology and know-how, the development of innovative products and high added value services, and the improvement of business competitiveness and transnational scientific cooperation.

The indicative volume of funding for the Transnational Cooperation programme between Greece and China amounts to 10 million Euros, while the budget of each project will not exceed 400,000 Euros. and its maximum duration will not exceed three years.

The pre-publication of the Announcement will be posted in the following days on the General Secretariat for Research and Technology website.

A similar strategic agreement for transnational research programmes had been signed recently, during a formal visit of the Greek Minister for Education to Israel.