MHNC Releases Second Book of “The Ancient Roots of Medieval History” Trilogy

    The second book of the trilogy “The Ancient Roots of Medieval Europe (5th-15th century)”, titled “The Pan-Europeanism of Ancient Greek Medical Science in the Middle Ages”, has just been released by the Museum of the Hellenic Nobel Collection’s (MHNC) publications, in a luxurious large size (33×24), 302-page tome.

    Hailed abroad as a unique literary, scientific and artistic work, a collectors’ item, the treatise has received an Outstanding Distinction from the Academy of Athens and other organisations in the US, Britain and Italy.

    The book, written by MHNC founder and president Professor Giorgio S. Marcou, contains previously unknown and unpublished manuscripts of Latin codes, engravings and rare full-color works of medical contents from Marcou’s and the Museum’s private collections.

    The unpublished material also includes the renowned handwritten code of Hippocrates’ “Prognostics”, which was taught in Europe’s first universities from the 14th to the 19th century, and is kept at the Marciana Biblioteca in Venice.

    The tome, prologued by eminent international scientists, further contains statements by 100 international personalities of the 20th century, including heads of state, prime ministers and Nobel laureates, on Greece’s accession to the then European Economic Community.

    The sponsors of the book are the Athens Eye Hospital, founded by Gerasimos and Haralambos Rallatos, and Professor Panayiotis Zafirakis.

    (Source: AMNA)


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