Fewer EU Tourists In November 2011, but New Tourist Market Emerges

The Central Bank of Greece announced on Tuesday a drop in the number of German tourists visiting Greece in November 2011, which resulted in a 12.5 percent fall in German tourism compared to November 2010.

Receipts from German visitors recorded a 50.4 percent decrease, while those from British tourists increased by 18.3 percent.

However, a new country is providing a sharp increase in visitors to Greece; tourism receipts from Russian visitors were up by 88.2 percent year-over-year, even though European Union residents visiting Greece fell by 17.4 percent.

The number of travellers arriving to Greece in November 2011 was reduced by 7.6 percent, which is equal to 423,000 less tourists.

In total, however, the tourism sector has showed a surplus of 59.5 million euros ($776.30 million) in November, up by 8.1 million in comparison to the same month of the past year.


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