Frozen Autumn To Perform At Kyttaro Live Club

Italian dark wave band Frozen Autumn will be performing live at Kyttaro Live Club on Saturday, February 4.

Characterized by their melancholic vocals and atmospheric 80’s gothic style, Frozen Autumn uses their music to revive the major cold/dark wave bands of the past. Their extreme make-up, big hair, and black clothes remind everyone that the Siouxsie and Robert Smith style is not yet done.

The night will open with a performance from Wonky Doll and the Echo, who will soon release their first E.P. in vinyl form by Geheimnis Records (Magic De Spell, Vyllies, Not Only Bones), and have already left everyone dumbfounded with their astonishing performance before Clan of Xymox took the stage in Kyttaro.

The second band to appear on February 4 is Tilbury on Cloves, who have long been special representatives of the Athens alternative/new wave music scene and are admired for their talent by Glen Johnson of Piano Magic.

Kyttaro Live Club is located at Epirus 48 and Acharnon. Tickets are already on pre-sale on the Internet and can also be purchased for 18 Euros at the Club. The concert commences at 21.00.