Van Vlahakis: “We Either Become a Colony of Germany or Stay Independent”

By Van Vlahakis*

I just listen to the news from Greece and I thought it might be useful to pass some advice to Greek politicians. I have substantial and long-term experience in business, creating Earth Friendly Products, the leading green manufacturer of cleaning products in the US. Business wasn’t always thriving for us as it is today and it took years to come to the powerful position we hold today in the market. The Greek economy – as any economy – is a business with its ups and downs and it should be treated like that.

Today the Greek Prime Minister is going to Europe for critical discussions with the Europeans about the new loans and the PSI (Private Sector Involvement). The situation is very simple and it should have been addressed like a simple one a long time ago. We either become a colony of Germany or stay independent. We should not become a colony, as Hitler tried to do it with war and blood, or Merkel now with money.

We need to take a simple stand on this: You either take what we give you or lose all your money by sending us to controlled bankruptcy, which is the best solution. It will wipe out the debt of Greece by 90% and it will let us operate with our money without paying out in interest more than we need.

I think the Germans are not stupid and will take our orders, show respect for Greece, and help us go back to job creation and prosperity.

*Van Vlahakis is the CEO of Earth Friendly Products, the leading Green manufacturer of cleaning products in the USA. Van left Greece  four decades ago and arrived to the US hoping for a better future for him and his family. His company is a model for others that want to follow the green energy path globally.  Earth Friendly products is expected by 2015 to exceed half a billion dollars in revenue.



  1. Er “become a colony of Germany” ?  Greece cannot stand on its own and is more or less on ‘welfare’ offered by the EU. You are absolutely right in what you write, that it is like a business and the simple solution as you put it should be taken. My view as a non Greek in Greece I am mortified that the prime minister was removed because he called for a referendum!  This is when Greece lost her independence! Surely that cannot be constitutional or even legal!  More worrying is that Greek citizens did not even bat an eyelid on this. To remove a country’s leader,  shows who has the power in Greece.  Greece is in a financial mess which was brought about by Greek politicians and it is up to the people of Greece, to force them to correct this. The general concenses  seems to be ‘they had their chance lets see if Germany or France can do better’!


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