Actor Nikos Apergis Passes Away

    Greek actor Nikos Apergis passed away after losing his battle against cancer. The actor had also served as a political representative of Nea Demokratia in the Municipality of Athens.

    Nikos Apergis was born in Athens in 1947. He studied Theatre at the National Theatre of Greece Drama School and took part in many theatrical performances, TV and cinema productions, while he also received an award as a playwright for the play “Sponge Men”.

    Mr. Apergis was mostly known for his leading roles in popular TV series, such as “Unknown War”, “Neighborhood”, “Love Stories”, “Pantheoi”, “Lampsi”, etc.. In 1974 he joined the conservative party of Konstantinos Karamanlis.

    He was the co-founder, Secretary, and President of the political party of actors in Greece, while he also served as president of the special organizing committee of the cultural bodies of ND. He was a member of the Parliamentary Cultural Work team of ND. Mr. Apergis was elected six times in a row for four-year service in the Municipality of Athens.

    He was married to actress Mary Kyvelou and had one son, Andonis.


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