British Band ‘Inspiral Carpets’ to Perform in Greece

The British Alternative Rock Band ‘Inspiral Carpets’ is going to perform at Fuzz Club in Athens on the 10th of March. The band is named after a clothing shop on their Oldham estate. Their sound is based around psychedelic keyboards and guitars.

The band released two albums worthy of demos in the 1980s, Waiting for Ours and Songs of Shallow Intensity, including songs that would later be re-recorded.

After a handful of singles on their own label, the last of which, “Move”, came close to the UK top 40, they signed a deal with Mute Records, and immediately had their first top 40 chart success in the UK with “This Is How It Feels”, which is a song about unemployment and touches on themes of domestic violence.

In February 2011, Tom Hingley announced on Twitter that the Inspirals had split up. Clint Boon responded “Inspiral Carpets have not split up. It appears that one member has chosen to leave”.

In August 2011 they announced a reunion with original singer Stephen Holt. Their website states “Inspirals will be recording their first material in 15 years coupled with worldwide live concerts”. And now they are back with a unique performance in Athens.