Greek Communist Party Hangs Banners at Athens’ Acropolis Rock

    Greek communist party members hung banners in Greek and English denouncing EU policies under the temple of Parthenon at Athens’ Acropolis Rock on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012.

    Fifty members entered the archaeological site and hung banners at the northeast side of the Rock.

    A similar incident occurred last June, before the voting on the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategic Program in Greece.


    1. The Greek problem will soon become an international disaster, very similar in nature to the collapse of the Soviet block more than twenty years ago. I hope that the Greeks learn from the wisdom of their ancestors, get rid of the corrupt politicians, and quickly organize a transitional government consisting of prominent intellectuals in order to begin a genuine reformation of their own as well as world politics using as a base the United Nations. As suggested by President Eisenhower in 1961, at the root of American, as well as Greek and international politics remains a form of capitalism that can best be described as “The Capitalism of War” that has forced upon the civilized world self-destructive policies, unnecessary violence, and extreme forms of corruption. Greece cannot possibly solve its problems alone but needs to seek the international collaboration of all nations. The entire planet desperately needs reform toward permanent PEACE, the rule of good, population reduction, and true democracy.