10 Relief Measures for Damaged Businesses after Athens Riots

    The government has approved 10 relief measures for businesses that suffered damage during the riots in central Athens last Sunday.

    The decisions were taken at a meeting held on Wednesday between Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and local government officials to evaluate the extent of the damage and discuss ways of restoring the buildings and businesses that were damaged.

    Among the decisions made was to set up a coordinating body within the week made up of general secretaries from the finance, environment and culture ministries, as well as representatives of the Athens municipality and the Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This will be in charge of monitoring the work to restore the damage and provide financial support to those affected, as well as coordinating the state services involved. In charge of setting up and running this will be government vice-president Theodoros Pangalos.

    The meeting also decided to set up working teams from the municipality and the finance and environment ministries to carry out a rapid assessment of the state of buildings, based on which compensation will be given.

    Special teams of environment and culture ministry staff will be detached to Athens municipality town planning services to help cut through bureaucracy and speed up the issue of permits to repair damaged buildings.



    1. Out of all the people we have in Greece they choose Theodoros Pangalos one of the most corrupt politicians in Greece.

      Yes it is very clever to put some one like him in charge of the money for the restorations and support of the businesses.

      Be serious, i know we have smart and talented people that can do the job faily and properly and without being corrupted.


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