Diaspora Documentarian Athina Krikeli Honored for her Overall Work in Larissa

Multi-awarded and acclaimed Diaspora journalist and documentarian, Athina Krikeli, was honored Friday by the Municipality of Larissa and the Cypriot Association of Larissa for her overall work and contribution to Hellenism.

Krikeli’s documentary feature “The enclaved in Cyprus” was presented at the 2011 New York International Film Festival, winning Best Political Documentary in the USA. The much praised documentary was a report on the enclaved Greek Cypriots in the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus.

The documentarian and producer sent out a message of support to the Greek people by noting that nothing is impossible if one believes in himself, works hard and honestly. Mrs. Krikeli has also described culture as being the massive and strongest weapon Greece possesses in international diplomacy.

During the event, the Deputy Mayor of Larissa, Sp. Barboutis, and the president of the Cypriot Association of Larissa, D. Avgoustis, presented Mrs. Krikeli with plaques, while the awarded documentary was also screened.

Krikeli lives and works in NY. She is the only Greek woman who is on the voting panel at the Emmys and at the New York festivals, while she is also a correspondent for the Voice of America in New York, and a political correspondent for ERT 3, the national television channel of northern Greece. Her radio show “Ta Dika Mas”, on Antenna, is showcased on a permanent exhibition at The Paley Center for Media.