Venizelos: More Politicians and Relatives Took Their Money Abroad

    The statement by the head of the authority to combat “black money”, Panagiotis Nikoloudis, that a Greek MP took one million euros abroad in May 2011 was only the beginning, as Evangelos Venizelos said the information systems department of the ministry of Finance has identified “politicians and their relatives who sent abroad remittances of more than 100,000 euros in 2011.” He said that the list will be finalized within the day and will be sent to parliament while “in some cases I have asked for the assistance of the Financial Crime unit.”

    Αccording to protothema, Venizelos explained that last Wednesday the DIAS banking system “provided us with the data of mostly 2011 remittances abroad of more than 100,000 euros- that are too large in volume. At this point the search is ongoing and all I can say is that they are politicians and their relatives.” The specific list will be closed today and will be sent to the relevant parliamentary committee to crosscheck if the money was recorded in the statements of personal property.

    “There may be cases where money was taken abroad for trading or health reasons. Therefore we need to complete the hearing of all the people by the committee”.

    Venizelos added that from the 65 billion that were taken from banks only 16 billion went abroad and the rest are “in deposit boxes, in homes, in paintings… We lost 2.5 billion of interest. This is an opportunity to start the return movement and I also ask the politicians to do so.”

    Lastly, the parliament chairman Philippos Petsalnikos explained that they have gathered all the MP credentials in order to start the lifting of the banking confidentiality in Switzerland and identify whether a “Greek politician has undeclared bank accounts in this country.”
    (source: proto thema, capital)


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