Clean Monday Celebrations In The City Of Thessaloniki

The Greeks in Thessaloniki celebrated the end of the carnival season on Monday and the start of Lent for Christian Easter, while a cold front was gripping most parts of the country, restricting travel.

Despite bad weather, traditional lagana, other fasting food products and kites were distributed to the people of Thessaloniki at ‘Kedrinos Hill’.

In the region of Toumpa in Thessaloniki, the Cultural Centre was packed with people who came to enjoy bean soup (fasolada) and other fasting products.

Clean Monday Celebrations in the region of Triandria included the consumption of fasolada and lagana, the construction of kites, as well as dance and songs.

In Kalamaria of Thessaloniki, people met at the former military camp Kodra as they do every year, in order to celebrate Clean Monday. Thousands of people lined up to get traditional meals for free. The celebrations also included a traditional music concert and the widespread custom of flying kites.