Greek Comedian Vassilis Tsivilikas Passes Away

Popular TV and theatre comedian, Vassilis Tsivilikas, passed away at 6:25 am on February 29, at the age of 70, due to heart failure. The actor had been transported to a hospital where the doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive him for 40 minutes.

Tsivilikas was born in 1942 in Thessaloniki and was the only son of his family, while he had two sisters. He had started studying English literature in the college of Thessaloniki, when he decided to become an actor and moved to Athens to pursue his dreams.

After his first failed attempt to enter the Art Theatre, he visited the drama school of Pelos Katselis. His first performance came in 1965 in Nea Ionia. In 1967 Karolos Koun called him to join the Art Theatre. In the early 70’s, Tsivilikas played in revues and was then interested in prose theatre.

Mostly known for his part in Alekos Sakelarios film “My aunt, the hippy” next to Rena Vlahopoulou, Nora Valsami and Andreas Barkoulis, Tsivilikas’ career took off from that moment on. With important presence both in theatre and the TV, Tsivilikas’ unexpected death came as a big blow to the Greek theatre world and his family.

This year, for the second theatrical season in a row, Tsivilikas was starring in and was responsible for the direction of a Dave Freeman comedy staged at Akadimos Theatre, Athens.

The funeral service of the famous Greek actor will take place on Friday, March 2, at 15:00 at the Cemetery of Maroussi. Tsivilikas is survived by his wife, Alice, and their two children.