“Democracy and Music Education in Classical Athens” Exhibition at Hellenic Parliament

The exhibition “Music Education and Democracy in Classical Athens” was inaugurated on Thursday in the Greek parliament by parliament president Filippos Petsalnikos. The exhibition focuses on music’s approach as an element of education which strengthens the institutions of democracy and participation in common affairs.

The exhibition is separated into three parts. The first presents the mythical heroes Theseus, Hercules, Achilles and Paris as the models of the musically educated hero and the music education of the young as a component of the formation of the future Athenian citizen as well as the role of music in physical exercise.

The second part refers to events held by Classical Athens in which the city’s youth participated, such as the major religious feasts (Panathinaia and Dionyssia), music competitions and theatre.

Finally, the third part presents the musically educated Athenian and the educated woman of Classical Athens.

The exhibition is organised by the Hellenic Parliament Foundation.
(Source:  AMNA)