Greek Supreme Court Rejects Union’s Appeal to Use “Turk” in Its Name

    Greece’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal filed by the Xanthi Turkish Union (İTB) to allow the use of the term “Turk” in the organization’s name.

    Despite the 2008 decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which found Greece guilty of breaching Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Freedom of Association, the Greek Supreme judicial body stated that the ECHR decision was non-binding and that the court had neglected to consider “political” factors in its decision.

    The ECHR decision ordered the re-legalization of the Turkish organization and supported the minorities’ right to use ethnic names for their organizations.

    In November 1987, along with other Turkish organizations of western Thrace, the Turkish Union of Xanthi was banned because the word “Turk” in their title as a description for members of the Muslim minority of Greece endangered public order, as it should be used only to refer to Turkish citizens.

    Ever since, the İTB has been in a legal fight with the Greek state. The Union’s President, Ahmet Kara, claimed to be completely surprised by the Court’s decision, which shuts down the organization.


    1. Yes, this should be s good lesson for the Turks who are rethinking that Greeks are becoming Turks friend, Greeks won’t let Turkish banks open branches while they are welcomes to buy Turkish banks,Greeks inssist to give more freedom the Greek churhes while they refused to allow one Mousque in Athens, ,wake up Young Turks and pay attention to your history and what Greek feel about you, if they get a chance they will drown you in cup of water, so do not be naive and let your guards down, reganrding Greek friendship,

    2.  You’re right. Turkey has opened their arms to Greece and Greece has let them down. Let’s just ignore that Turkey has threatened Cyprus with war several times in the past year, stated that it wants to separate the Turks from the Greeks in Cyprus, has sailed warships around Greek islands, flew fighter jets and helicopters over Greek islands trying to breach our airspace, and bought bridging vehicles which can only be used at the Evros river. Friends, of course.