Yperia 2012 – 10th International Meeting on Culture and Tourism

Successfully organized since 2003 by Aegialis Hotel & Spa in cooperation with the Cultural Association of Tholaria Women in Aegiali – Amorgos island, the Yperia Convention celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, from the 19th to the 22nd of April 2012.

The spirit of the conference is around tourism and travel styles that care about the culture and the environment of local communities – responsible travel. Yperia’s Convention objective is to enhance the Cultural Heritage, the Civilization and the environment of Amorgos and to promote them through articles and films of Greek and International Media.

The topic of this year’s convention is the “Cultural Ηeritage of Amorgos” and will include the third Amorgos Festival of Short Tourist Films, in co-operation with the Film Club of South Amorgos .

Yperia 2012 will especially focus on the 1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, which is considered one of the most impressive byzantine monuments in Greece. The Yperia Committee believes it deserves its place in the UNESCO’S World’s Heritage Monuments and that it is time to broach the subject. Distinguished people from all around the world are invited to exchange ideas and opinions: journalists, photographers, producers, political representatives, ambassadors, artists etc.

As usual, the program will be fully packed with excursions around the island, presentations, photography & painting exhibitions, workshops in Greek dancing & language, wine tasting, and cooking demonstrations, as well as film projections and discussions at Aegialis Hotel & Spa.

Amorgian Gastronomy will be presented and tasted during lunches and dinners in different restaurants: “Ambrosia” – Aegialis Hotel & Spa, “Lakki” Restaurant, “O Chondros, “To Limani”, “To Panorama”, “O Kostaras”.

Welcome & Farewell dinners will take place at “Amvrosia” Restaurant of Aegialis Hotel & Spa with traditional music and dancing.

The tradition of Yperia comes into work and continually creates and intensifies the growing awareness of sustainable tourism and should continue to impact the future of tourism on Amorgos.