Protesters Clashed With Riot Police During Parade In Rhodes Island

    The atmosphere was tense during the parade held in Rhodes in order to mark the anniversary of the Dodecanese Islands’ union with Greece in 1947.

    HACC reports that dozens of protesters clashed with riot police and broke through a cordon in an attempt to attack officials on an outdoor podium. Police have arrested several people and detained many more for questioning on Rhodes.

    Some protesters chanted insults and swears against the local politicians, while other hurled yogurt and bottles of water.

    The officials were forced to leave, the parade was interrupted, but then it continued only in the presence of military officials.

    Among the MPs was the representative of LAOS political party, I. Korantis, who stated on ‘Vima 99.5’ radio station:”It is clear that the attack launched by the protesters was well-organized. All these demonstrations are indicative of a tense atmosphere”.

    “Four arrests have been made and the protesters went out of the police building in order to demand the release of the detainees”, Korantis concluded.



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