Greek MP Announces New Political Party

Independent MP Panos Kammenos, a former member of New Democracy, presented the founding declaration of his new party “Independent Greeks” on Sunday, from the symbolic location of Distomo, the tragic scene of Nazi atrocities during WWII.

A key element of his party’s policy platform is to lift the immunity of ministers, MPs and officials against prosecution, seek out those responsible for the current crisis and make them pay, possibly even by impounding their property. He also called for protecting national sovereignty, seeking payment of German war reparations, cancellation of the “illegal memorandum” and an attempt to rebuild Greece anew.

Kammenos also invited the other independent MPs in Parliament to form a Parliamentary group, so that they could have a presence in the Parliament and the media.

“We promise to fight relentlessly and with all the means we have in order for the dossier on the national tragedy to be opened and judged,” Kammenos said during a speech outside the Distomo town hall, referring to the events that led up to Greece’s economic crisis.

“Our country is up against a catastrophe equal to that of Asia Minor, it is up against a national humiliation equal to the tragedy in Cyprus,” he added.
(source: ana-mpa)