Eugenides Foundation to Honor Prominent Greek Poet Kiki Dimoula

On the occasion of World Poetry Day 2012, the Eugenides Foundation of Athens will honor the prominent Greek poet and academic Kiki Dimoula on March 22, for her 60 years of work and contribution to the Greek Letters.

The event is part of the Foundation’s program, aiming at highlighting Greek cultural and educational figures in order to present a different side of Greece, whose wealth and heritage are of high value and importance to everyone around the world.

During the event, to be hosted at the Amphitheatre of the Foundation, attendees will have the unique chance of hearing Mrs. Dimoula read from her own poems and listen to the interpretations of her work by important poets and researchers, such as Nasos Vagenas, Professor of Drama in the University of Athens, Dimitris Nanopoulos, Professor of Theoretical Physics and academic, Thanasis Niarchos, poet and publisher, and Elena Tsangaraki, philologist and writer.

At the same time, a video dedicated to the honored poet will be screened, while a small but of “special chemistry” painting exhibition created by Dinos Petratos will welcome the visitors.