Posters for the Support of Greek Cultural Heritage by the Association of Greek Archaeologists

“Monuments have no voice. They must have yours.” is the slogan used by the Association of Greek Archaeologists who are complaining for the funding cuts that are threatening the Greek cultural heritage and the “austerity packages and authoritarian measures, that are currently tearing apart Greece and its monuments”.

The Association of Greek Archaeologists stresses that the funding of the Ministry of Culture in Greece never exceeded 1% of the overall state budget, and points out that the new law which will be discussed in the Greek Parliament during the next few days (new Organisation Chart) will impose 30%-50% cuts on services and personnel in the Ministry.

They are therefore making an urgent appeal to their fellow archaeologists, to scholars and citizens all over Europe and the whole world, all the people expressing their solidarity and support to the Greek people, to defend cultural heritage and historical memory. They are also inviting them to express their support at the “I support Greek Cultural Heritage” in Facebook, to post their posters and messages to their websites and workplaces and send protest letters to the Greek Minister of Culture and the Greek Prime Minister.

The Association of Greek Archaeologists has already published such posters in English and Greek on the Internet.

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