Comicdom Con Athens 2012 Begins

The fantasy world of printed pop culture is merging with reality for the seventh year in a row during Comicdom con Athens, an exhibition exclusively dedicated to comics.

The exhibition is opening its gates once again to welcome all fans of the ninth art, irrespectively of their age, and their so far contact with the world of comics.

From March 30 to April 1, popular heroes and despicable villains, exciting adventure stories and internationally praised comic creators will be hosted and presented at the premises of the Hellenic American Union (Massalias Str. 22).

The exhibition is co-organized by the Hellenic American Union and Comicdom Press.

2000 A.D.: The Judge Dredd Revolutionis the title of this year’s exhibition, which is dedicated to the historical British anthology “2000 A.D.”, which is the “home” of Judge Dredd, one of the most popular comic characters worlwide. The exhibition will feature artworks created by comic artists Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, Carlos Ezquerra, Trevor Hairshine, Rufus Dayglo, Ron Smith, Mike McMahon and Colin Wilson.

The guests of honor at this year’s Comicdom include the particularly famous (for the Greek audience) Italian comic artist Milo Manara, the acclaimed British writer of comic books and novels Mike Cary (creator of “X-Men”, “Legacy”, “The Unwritten”), the Turkish comic book artist Yildiray Cinar and the British comic artist Rufus Dayglo. Among the male artists, female British illustrator Zara Slattery will also be presented, as well as the independent American writer and illustrator Douglas Paszkiewicz.

The young visitors will have the chance to visit several workshops that will bring them closer to the art of comics though games and fun. The older enthusiasts will be able to join competitions as well as enjoy screenings, illustration and screenplay workshops, a bazaar with Greek comic books, other comic-related items, and the awards presentation.

Admission is free for everyone. For more information on the programme of the exhibition please visit