Simultaneous Demonstrations of Anti-Racist and Far-Right Organizations in Saint Panteleimon, Athens

    An anti-racist rally was organized today (17th March) in Propylaea of Athens by left-wing and anti-racist organizations. A march and a concert in Saint Panteleimon followed the activist rally. At the same time, at the same place, members of far-right organizations were having their own protest rally against illegal immigrants.

    The Subway Station of Panepistimion remained closed during the demonstrations, causing difficulties in citizens’ transportation. The Police were on alert in order to prevent any riots, and were searching suspected persons for possession of weapons.

    The members of the left organizations are accusing the Municipality of Athens, because it didn’t grant them permission to organize the concert in Saint Panteleimon square, pointing out that every anti-racist movement should be supported.

    An anti-racist rally took place in Thessaloniki too, at 3.00 p.m.


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