Greek-American Businessman to Open New Factory in Crete

Earth Friendly Products CEO Van Vlahakis with his daughter and VP of EFP Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks

Van Vlahakis, the owner and CEO of Earth Friendly products is not forgetting his roots. The successful Greek-American businessman, who came to the US as an immigrant and created a green giant in the cleaning supplies industry, is planning to open a new factory in his native Crete and create jobs for his fellow Cretans.

Earth Friendly Products is the leader in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for household and commercial use with over 150 products manufactured, distributed, and sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

All Earth Friendly Products are created with only replenishable and sustainable plant-based ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. The company proudly adheres to its strict “Freedom Code”, a list of harmful and toxic ingredients that are not found in any its products.

Earth Friendly Products has already started the process of creating a manufacturing plant in Crete by scouting locations and getting in touch with the Greek authorities for all the necessary paperwork.

“This factory will give a boost to the local economy, create jobs, and it will also help Earth Friendly Products expand even more in Europe and Middle East” says Vice-President of Earth Friendly Products Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks.

The factory is expected to employ about 50-60 locals and it will also require raw materials from local suppliers, something that will contribute positively to the Cretan Economy.


  1. While a fellow Hellene here in Boston involved in waste to energy Green technology to be introduced shortly to India w/the direct participation of my Newport Beach (CA) partner, I wish to applaud the Vlahakis family for its entrepreneurial zeal for just recently, my Bulgarian eastern block partners were asking whether I knew Van Vlahakis as interest even from latvia and Bulgaria for Earth Freindly products has been conveyed. 

    While my core business embraces the expport of coal and iron ore from peru, Columbia, Indonesia and Richards Bay, Soiuth Africa to China and India, I am also engaged in a collaborative partnership with Canadian and US entities to address waste water and water purification project development from haityi to Ghana, Rwanda and throughout Afrtica. W/some 1 billion fellow humans with little or no access to even a clean glass of water and the polution of our planet, coupled with so much more and riddled with corruption and very uncertain economic challenges much to the fault of the “Goldman Sachs” fellas….

    I wish to extend my “Bravo” to Van and Kelly at Earth Friendly and to the Europeans who now better understand that the future energy will be conveyed by alternate energies i.e., wind and solar!

    Even our shelter and permanenet housing designs all encompass rainwater retention and solar for we understand that both are essential and dependence on energy today will become even more costly…

    Bravo!  As Hellenes, even ythose of us American born, We have much to be proud of….

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA
    [email protected]:disqus .com    skype: htgboston




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