Greece’s Got Talent Discovers 14 Year-Old Opera Prodigy!

The first episode of Greece’s Got Talent discovered an amazing 14 year-old tenor, Yiorgos Ioannou. The Cypriot teenager traveled to Athens to perform at the popular talent show and it was definitely worth the trip as he amazed the audience and the judges.

When people heard him singing they started wondering if he was singing playback. It actually took a few moments for the people to believe the talent they had in front of them.

Asked by the judges what his dream is he responded  “one day I want to sing at the Scala of Milano,” something that is very possible with his great voice.

At the end of his performance, the audience and judges stood up to clap for the 14 year-old tenor. Yorgos Ioannou is already considered one of the possible finalists for Greece’s Got Talent.

Click on the video below to watch Yiorgos’ breathtaking performance:



  1. I heard George many times here in the USA.  I’m Cypriot myself and I’m very proud that George honored Cyprus with his beautiful voice.  I wish him a very good success in all his steps to the top!