Aristotle Onassis’s Island Skorpios to Be Sold

    According to a recent article of the newspaper “Real News,” Athena Onassis has already initiated the process of selling her grandfather’s island and her lawyers are looking for the ideal buyer. The high preservation costs of Skorpios and Athena’s choice not to live in Greece permanently have reportedly made her decide to sell the island, which is located in the Ionian Sea.

    The French businessman and Thierry Russell’s friend Vincent Bolloré, who wanted to purchase the island two years ago when he visited it, seems to have expressed great interest for the acquisition of Skorpios.

    A Turkish businessman whose name remains a well-kept secret is said to have shown interest for Skorpios as well.

    The starting price for the private island of Skorpios is 500 million Dollars. Aristotle Onassis bought it in 1962 for 3 million Greek Drachmas.

    The pink house, pools, wonderful beach roads and many animal species will be found in the hands of the new owner as soon as the transaction is completed. Skorpios is the island where Aristotle Onassis spent his summers with Maria Callas or Jackie Onassis and his children Alexandros, Christina and Athena.

    Athena Onassis has yet to confirm the rumors that keep spreading regarding the sale of Skorpios island.