M. Glezos: “German Foreign Minister’s Statement is Ignorant of History, False and Infuriating”

“The answer of the German Foreign Minister concerning Germany’s war debts to Greece is ignorant of history, false and infuriating”, mentions Manolis Glezos, a person who strongly fought against German occupation in Greece during World War II.

But Manolis Glezos does not forget to justify his words. He marks this statement as “ignorant of history”, because it ignores the decision of Paris 1946, that Germany has to pay to Greece in full, 7 billion dollars at face value in 1938, so 108 billion euros, not including the interest.

“It is also fake because Germany has never payed Greece, not a Mark, not a Drachma, not a Euro”, adds M. Glezos. On the contrary, this country has paid in full every other country she owed money to, due to the War.

Last but not least, it is “infuriating” because its representatives have decided by themselves that “it is no longer important” that Greece and the Greek economy or even the Greeks have been destroyed by the Germans.

“Crimes against humanity cannot be written off”, stresses the member and the co-founder of the new Greek independent party, called “E.LA.DA.”(United Popular Democratic Resistance Party).




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