Nana Mouskouri to Be Married in Greece

Nana Mouskouri has finally decided to wear a wedding dress!

The worldwide famous singer revealed she wants to get married before God with her French husband, André Chapelle, whom she married in 2003 in Geneva with a civil marriage.

Mouskouri married Yorgos Petsilas in 1961, the leader of popular Greek trio “The Athenians,” who became her backing band for many years. Mouskouri and Petsilas had two children – a son, Nicolas, born February 13, 1968 and a daughter, Hélène, nicknamed Lénou, born July 6, 1970.

André Chapelle is a music producer, and has been her patient companion since shortly after her divorce from George Petsilas in 1975. Marriage has given the couple a surprise kick.

“My biggest dream is a church marriage. André and I wish to get married in a romantic church in my homeland,” revealed the famous singer in Frau magazine, adding that she and her companion have been looking forward to God’s blessing for forty years.

The precise date of marriage has not been announced. It’s been reported that the happy couple are planning a dreamy wedding near Mouskouri’s house in Vouliagmeni and a great “glenti” will surely follow the ceremony.


  1. Wish her all the best, loved her music and was a lovely lady 🙂 cheers to your happinness

  2. Talk about deluded! Wanting to be the centre of attention in church at her age!  Laughable!

  3. she does’nt need to be the centre of attention, if she wants to get married in a church, it’s because she does believe in god
    there’s no age to be in love

  4. Wow, what a meanspirited thing to say! #1 Age has nothing to do with it! #2 If a person wants their marriage to be blessed before God in a church, what business is it of yours anyway, you stupid infidel? Besides, the Eastern Orthodox Church will do a 2d marriage in a church if an Ecclesiatical divorce is granted. So go take a hike, you blaspheming hater! To Nena, I say “many years!

  5. There’s no such thing as “blasphemy”. “Blasphemy” is just word dreamed up by mentally ill people who believe in religious mumbo-jumbo and who want to force everybody else to believe the same rubbish. Someone needs to give this woman a reality-check.

  6. I have loved her for many years, I managed to meet her in1984 in cleveland ohio she is abeautifull person and gave me many emotional moments with her very unique voice and marvelous songs. I WISH HER THE BEST . SHE DESERVE IT.