Greek Priest Nabbed at the Airport with Three Kilos of Cannabis

A Greek priest has been remanded for eight days after being caught with three kilos of cannabis in his bags while arriving at Larnaca Airport.

The 37-year-old was arrested at the airport on Wednesday night after arriving from Athens.

Drugs Squad, YKAN deputy commander Panicos Stavrou said the priest was caught with three kilos of marijuana in his luggage, confirming a tip-off the drug squad had.

The priest, who preaches in a small church in Nicosia’s Ayios Dhometios, reportedly made little effort to hide the drugs, merely placing them in three plastic bags.

The 37-year-old, who is father to one young child, admitted to transporting the drugs, saying he was pushed to it for the first time after facing serious money troubles; the result of a serious health condition his wife is being treated for.

He said he regretted his actions and planned to fully cooperate with the authorities, which have now started searching for the supplier. Interpol as well as the Greek authorities have been notified.
Dressed in his holy robes, the priest appeared at Larnaca District Court yesterday, which rejected his request for a closed session and remanded him for eight days.

The cleric has been living in the Nicosia suburb of Dhali for the past 10 years.

(source: cyprus-mail)


  1. Yet it was for personal use..! unfortunately he has lost his connection with God and somehow he tried to establish it back, 3 kilos seemed to be sufficient quantity to re-establish connection

  2. .

        Why even arrest him, it is less dangerous than alcohol.  

         In fact, Cyprus should legalize cannabis and grow it. It is an excellent export crop.

         Cannabis has been used for thousands of years without any fatalities, why is it even illegal?   ( Because the USA says so ? ) 


  3.  You are an idiot. USA does not ban it. Matter of fact, cannabis sativa AKA  Weed or is legal in the State of California. The truth is, that yalls country is facing so much trouble right now, that you forget what principles your country was built on, and clearly show the fake face yall have built in decades : A LIE. That’s all it is. Yall are a disgrace and a bunch of liers. The US should stop trying to save yalls asses off the crysis.