Akis Tsochatzopoulos Applies for Release

    Former Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos has filed an application for his release at the First Instance Council through his defense attorneys on Monday.

    The former Minister has been in detention since last Monday on charges of money laundering.

    In his application, the former Defense Minister underlines that he is neither a flight risk nor a possible future offender, since he is no longer a minister or government official in order to continue his allegedly illegal activities.

    According to the defense attorneys, Tsochatzopoulos has not appeared even once during the 20-month long judicial procedure.

    Tsochatzopoulos has also highlighted in his application that he has already been prohibited from leaving the country due to the charges regarding his falsified property declarations.

    From this Wednesday to Friday, ten codefendants of Tsochatzopoulos will be called to account before the special prosecutor, including the former minister’s wife and daughter.


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