University of Ioannina Offers Free Greek Classes During Summer 2012

    For four years in a row, the World Council of Epirotes Abroad, in association with the University of Ioannina, offers free Greek classes to young people from all over the world for ages 18-32.

    The program will take place July 2-27 in the scenic capital of Epirus, Greece. The students participating in the courses will have the opportunity to learn their native language, as well as attend conferences about Greek culture, modern Greek society and the history of the country.

    There will also be dance and music classes for the young students. The program includes visits to local museums and archaeological sites so that they can feel closer to their home country.

    “In classes of 2011, the participants came from European and American countries, from Argentina, South Africa, Canada and Australia,” states the World Council for Epirotes Abroad.

    The classes and accommodations will be provided free of charge.

    For further information, visit the website of the Council: