The Most Bizarre Parties of the May 6 Greek Elections

From the total 36 parties that have filed their applications to run in the May 6 elections, 32 candidates will claim the Greek people’s votes, according to the relevant decision of the Supreme Court of the country.

Unlike past years, where competition seemed to pile up at the two leading fractions of socialists and conservatives, more parties are likely to get a share of power, including those which have already had representation in the Greek Parliament in the past, such as the Communists (KKEP), left-wing SYRIZA and extreme-right wing LAOS.

The Supreme Court has rejected the applications of four small parties, which failed to comply with the existing legal requirements. But the increased number of the parties is not the only remarkable detail of these general elections.

There are several parties this year presenting an alternative solution to the voters’ uncertainty and the country’s problems, such as the party of the “Pirates,” the “Friends of Man,” “The Tyrannicides” and the abbreviated “Land for free, Debt Clear” party.

Ιn the case of the “Tyrannicides,” the Supreme Court ruled that its name must be altered before the elections. This party features only one candidate, Athanasios Daskalopoulos. The name refers historically to ancient Greeks, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, who killed the Peisistratid tyrant Hipparchus and became a symbol of democracy to the ancient Athenians. It remains unknown whether the contemporary homonymous party aims at following the set example of 514 BC.

The “Friends of Man” party defines itself as a movement of political surrealism. Its members hold onto the saying “we know nothing and we want all those who know everything to know nothing too.”

The “Pirates” party first appeared in Sweden six years ago and has now its own enthusiasts in Greece under the leadership of Ioannis Panagopoulos. Among their demands, the “Pirates” ask for protection of privacy and personal rights from state and companies’ intervention, alteration of the current legislation of copyright and the free use of digital copies for private, non-commercial orientated purposes.

“Independent Reforming Left Wing, Reforming Right Wing, Reforming PASOK, Reforming Nea Dimokratia, Say No to War, Party Business Land for Free, Debt Clear, Saving Lives, Pan-agricultural Labor Movement of Greece” is the only party that bears its political agenda on its title. “Land for Free, Debt Clear” is the short name of the party used for obvious lingual reasons, and this is the ninth time the party runs in the Greek elections under the leadership of now 83-year-old Miltiadis Tzalazidis.

Once again, the “Greek Ecologists” party of Demosthenis Vergis did not fail to surprise everyone by joining forces with the former model and porn-star Julia Alexandratou.

According to ANSAmed, opinion polls suggest that as many as nine parties could enter Parliament, compared to five in 2009. Further new entries in these elections include anti-austerity party “Independent Greeks,” left anti-capitalist party “ANTARSYA” (acronym meaning mutiny in English), former PASOK member Louka Katseli’s party “Social Pact” and neo-nazi “Golden Dawn.”



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