Editor of Greek Newspaper Arrested

    Editor of Greek daily newspaper Friday 13th, Emilios Liatsos, was arrested earlier on Friday after the wife of the leader of the Independent Greeks party, Elena Tzouli, had pressed charges against him and his paper for violating a court’s rule that forbid the paper to refer to her by name.

    Panos Kammenos’ wife pressed the charges in the city of Agrinio in the morning. Although the court’s decision was in favor of Tzouli, the newspaper made a new reference to her in today’s report.

    The police have reportedly acted exceptionally quickly and effectively to arrest Liatsos, who was led to the Police Station of Syntagma.

    The whole case seems, however, to have turned into an online dispute.

    The president of the Independent Greeks party wrote on his twitter account that Liatsos’ arrest was the end of slanderers and that forgers are the next to come before justice. “No more tolerance for everyone,” read his message.

    On his twitter account, former minister Adonis Georgiadis commented on the case, saying that Kammenos is hiding behind his wife.

    Famous journalist and newspaper director Emilios Liatsos was taken to Syntagma Police Station and later he was transferred handcuffed to Evelpidon courts. Shortly after that he was released and the case will now be solved in the court of law.