Google Frontpage Dedicated to Theodoros Angelopoulos’s April 27 frontpage is dedicated to Greek director Theodoros Angelopoulos. This day coincides with the 77th anniversary of the late director’s birth.

Angelopoulos was born in Athens on April 27, 1935. He died about three months ago, on January 24, after an accident he had while shooting his latest movie. Obviously, this film was never complete.

Google decided to insert a figure of Angelopoulos in the middle of its logo and the last letter of the word (e) became Greek for today only!

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in cooperation with the Film Festival of Thessaloniki, introduced the “Theodoros Angelopoulos” award, to pay special tribute to this world famous director.

The Greek director was awarded international prizes, such as that of Cannes and Venice Film Festival, and left behind several remarkable films.

Recently, the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna announced its temporary exhibition of Angelopoulos’ work.