More Than Half of Police Officers Voted For Neo-nazi Party

More than half of all police officers in Greece voted for pro-Nazi party Golden Dawn in the elections of May 6. This is the disconcerting result of an analysis carried out by authoritative newspaper To Vima in several constituencies in Athens, where 5,000 police officers in service in the Greek capital also cast their ballot.

At some polling stations, Golden Dawn obtained 19 to 24% of votes.

Others, like Agios Panteleimonas and Kypseli, traditional strongholds of the party, reached 15 to 18%. According to the newspaper, at the 11 polling stations (from 806 to 816) located near the police station (Ellas), Golden Dawn received most votes, reaching 18.64% at station 813 and 23.67% at number 816.

Other polling stations situated at a short distance from the ones mentioned before, where police officers do not vote, recorded 12-14% of votes for the Golden Dawn party.

The four polling stations located near the riot police station (MAT), used by the police, recorded percentages between 13 and 19 for Golden Dawn.

These figures, To Vima underlines, are impressive, considering the fact that other polling stations close to the riot police station reached 7-10% of votes for the pro-Nazi party. Based on the electoral lists, 550 to 700 people have voted at each of these voting stations, of which 20 to 30% police officers. The newspaper worked out that 45 to 59% of police officers voted for Golden Dawn.

(source: ANSA)


  1. Police officers, at least in Athens, are useless, lazy and have absolutely no deterrent presence because everyone knows they are a bunch of worthless lazy, do-nothings. When crime is committed freely and with no regards to the police presence, there is a huge problem. If they police officers are trained in the same, or similar way as those young Greeks who serve their time in the military, God help Greece when actual trouble comes.

  2. The over worked, exhusted Greece police are tired of seeing greece girls get gangraped by racist packs of africans, while the left wing pothead elite sits drinks wine and eats duck and tells the greece people to STFU and execpt their internationalist fascist policies.

    Further more. Golden dawn rejects the term neo-nazi, that is what you call them, not what they call themselves.

  3. i hate to see this, it interferes with my overwhelming desire to believe that all people are intrinsically good, just misguided or self-interested at times. when i see the police vote for hate like this it really sucks. i want to believe they are part of the 99% and will eventually get on board. but more and more i doubt myself, i guess time will be the ultimate judge. here in nyc ive seen so much police brutality and corruption yet want to believe they are just going with the crowd or peer pressure at their job, but its no excuse for lacking humanity.

  4. The impression I got is that over the past couple of months/years the members of conservative/centrist parties mostly sat around and complained about the police not doing enough to maintain order, the leftists staged riot after riot and threw molotov cocktails at police, while the Golden Dawn members were helping the police out by escorting people on their way to ATMs and super markets and protecting them from muggings.
    In view of that, this result doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  5. Vote for hate? Lacking humanity? Just because they have a functioning self-preservation instinct and don’t want millions of immigrants in their country? I mean, I don’t think Golden Dawn is suggesting Greeks should go to Pakistan and harass the people there, they just want their own country to be left alone by the Pakistanis.
    Look, in countries like South Korea and Japan, there are only around 1% immigrants in the country, and any party that would work to increase that number to Greek levels would quickly lose its voter base. Are people in East Asia (and many other places in the world) “hateful” and “lacking humanity” now? Or are you some sort of anti-European racist and this reasoning applies only to Europeans?

    Also, I’ve spoken to a few Golden Dawn members and they had some great thoughts on economics, like outlawing the charging of interest on loans, and instead letting the government give interest-free loans to people. That would break the power of some of the worst financial parasites, the bankers, and thus lead to a much more equitable society, but without transforming Greece into a socialist hellhole where the middle class is taxed into oblivion to pay for the welfare mob on the one hand and for the bankers by way of corrupt “bailout” programs on the other.

  6. They could call themselves the Saints. It’s not what they call themselves it’s what they are and represent! It’s the first anti-German nazi party… Hip hip hooray!

  7. If the mainstream parties keep ignoring the issue of immigration and allow unending floods of Third Worlders to come in, eventually legitimate citizen frustration will find an outlet in extreme parties.  The police more than anyone are thoroughly familiar with how heavily involved in crime the gypsies, Turks, Albanians, and Africans are, and how suicidally stupid it is for Greece to allow in unlimited numbers of these people.

  8. Exactly, Linda.  The cops see the ruined white girls shacked up with negroes when they get “domestic violence calls.”  It’s very disspiriting to them.  I know lots of cops in the US and they are extremely racist because of their job.

    Racism is just reality.  Your description of the anti-white multiculturalists “pothead elite”  telling the rest of us to STFU is spot on.

    Hooray for Golden Dawn!

  9. fuck these nazi bitches, first they ruined the swastika now theyre going to fuck the medicine wheel, well looks like canada is gunna have to shoot the shit outta europe again

  10. It IS self-interest, though. Without a culture of violence and fear, they’ll lose their popular mandate. At that point, most of them might even see themselves as unnecessary! The ruling class (NOT the “one percent”) can’t have that…