Benaki Museum Hosts Jewelry Exhibition of Famous Artists

Visitors of the Benaki Museum will have the chance to admire a selection of jewelry designed by famous painters and sculptors from May 16 through September 2.

The exhibition titled “From Picasso to Koons. Artists’ Jewelry” includes extraordinary jewels made by famous artists, such as Picasso and Stephen Antonakos.

More than 200 jewels will be displayed at the Museum. This collection belongs to Diane Venet, wife of the renowened sculptor Bernar Venet, who also participates with his own creations.

The jewelry illustrates each artists’ personal style and are made by both valuable and cheap material, such as gold and cork. The unique pieces, most of which were not made to be sold, were created to be given to friends and muses as gifts.

Besides the fact that famous artists were the jewels’ main theme inspiration, they were made under the supervision of prominent silver and goldsmiths of the time. Characteristic examples are, of course, Braque’s “Hera” brooch or Picasso’s “Tiny Satyr,” which are both signed on the back.

The exhibition includes works of Louise Bourgeois, Georges Braque, Alexander Calder, Miguel Chevalier, Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono, Pablo Picasso and Gio Pomodoro, and many Greek artists, such as Coulentianos Costas.

Athens is the third station of the exhibition, following France in 2008 and New York in 2011.