Castellorizian Marries Turkish Woman in Rare Wedding

Tsikos and Hurigiour are two young people who met each other some time ago via Facebook. They come from different countries, from two countries that some claim are enemies. But the happy couple disproves this allegation.

“There is nothing we should fight each other for,” says the newly married couple.

It is the first time in the island’s history that a Castellorizian marries someone from neighboring Kas, Turkey. Tsikos told Greek journalist Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, “I’m proud we left behind the barriers of the different origin,” despite the fact that language remains a problem.

Tsiko does not speak Turkish and Hurigiour does not speak Greek, but they love each other enough to agree that “they want 10 children.”

“My parents were somehow opposite to this marriage,” confesses Tsikos, “but I expected such a reaction.” “When they realized how happy I am, they forget everything bad and now, they love my wife more than they love me,” jokes the Greek newlywed.

As for Hurigiour’s parents, they did not have a problem, because their grandparents were of Castellorizian origin.

The young couple were married in Istanbul in a civil wedding and plan to get married in a Christian Orthodox one soon, after Hurigiour is baptized. “If my wife did not want to change her religion, I would do it. There is only one God,” adds Tsikos.